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You wanna see a couple of our Kickass Girlz in a match where you decide the action, outcome, outfits and even the holds used? Or do you just want to pick a couple girlz and let them fight it out in a pin and submission match? Contact us to order your Kickass Custom today!

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From customers who bought customs :

" I just got another custom dun this time with Kristine & Rachel & it was great. Each girl brings her own style of fighting to the match. I picked the out fits & the format of the fight, some holds I wanted to see. & the girlz where so hot in it. The girlz really kicked ass.
Thanks to the girlz,

"I just watched my custom video with Kristine & Calista & it come out great! It was a great match the two girls really went at it and really looked hot."


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